Sony also lowered the price of the PSP 3000 The ¥19,800 was lowered slightly

Sony also lowered the price of the PSP 3000 The ¥19,800 was lowered slightly to ¥16,800 Small price cut or not, PSP sales in Japan spiked 126 percent by October 11. Last month, Nintendo announced a price cut for the Wii: the ¥25,000 console would go for ¥20,000 starting October 1 According to Enterbrain's data, Wii sales increased by 29 percent as of October 11. Microsoft also cut the price of the Xbox replica Chanel J12 H0685 watch 360 in Japan On September 10, the ¥39,800 Elite console was marked down to ¥29,800 During the week of September 7 to the 13, Microsoft did see a bounce in sales But for the period ending October 11, Xbox 360 sales were actually down 70 percent in Japan.

According to Famitsu, the spike in sales for the PS3 and for the Wii can be attributed to the upcoming end of year titles: Final Fantasy XIII and New Super Mario Bros Wii. The latest Japanese television ads for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers features the music stylings of New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi The ads are Replica Chanel J12 Diamonds Ladies Watch H1625 short (16 seconds or so), and there are three of them so far They're so short that it's hard to make out the Bon Jovi song I checked out after that Young Guns soundtrack, so I'm not the best person to ask!

Maybe there's a longer version of this ad — hopefully The tune, however, is We Weren't Born to Follow, which is off the band's latest album Square Enix could've used any sample from pretty much any rock song to the same effect But, hey, Bon Jovi, no?Know what does add to this Final Fantasy Wii game? Three words: Laser cow udders. A Replica Chanel J12 Diamonds Mens Watch H1626 couple more jack o lanterns for the weekend then we're in the home stretch Big Daddy comes from Kotaku user Crabcraft and Master Chief is Josh Ray's masterpiece from last year.

That's kind of a big deal But there's a footnote worth mentioning

That's kind of a big deal But there's a footnote worth mentioning. See, those "perfect" Famitsu scores are generally granted very infrequently—although that frequency has definitely increased over the years Bayonetta was noteworthy for being the first multi platform game to be awarded that score It would also set a record for the replica Chanel J12 H2012 Men's watch number of 40 out of 40 scores awarded in one year, assuming that Final Fantasy XIII will, out of courtesy, achieve the same.

Now we know it's also the first time a game has been awarded a 40 and a 38 by the mag, according to what appear to be shots of Famitsu's review section from 2channel. How so? Well, that quartet of 10s awarded by the Famitsu editorial staff is only for the Xbox 360 version The PlayStation 3 port handled by SEGA, clearly lagging behind its replica Chanel H0682 J12 Ladie's watch more perfect sibling, was granted a 38 out of 40 from Famitsu That's obviously still quite good, if you put any weight into magazine review scores But it's sure to lead to some squabbling from the console camps people have aligned themselves with.

Don't worry about it too much Just call it another reason to get the Xbox 360 version, if you have the means. A spate of price cuts has hit game hardware Famitsu publisher Enterbrain examines how it has affected each platform Let's have a look, shall we? replica Chanel J12 H0967 Ladie's watch On September 3, the price of the PS3 was dropped by ¥10,000 to ¥29,980 from the previous price of ¥39,990 In that week, 150,832 units were sold By October 11, Sony had seen a 707 percent increase in PS3 sales in Japan.

also gives you a chance to go hands on with the game before it hits stores next week

The free event, co sponsered by PUMA, also gives you a chance to go hands on with the game before it hits stores next week. Make sure to send us pics if you go to the free event. With Owen, your favorite uncle, on vacation I'm afraid you're going to be stuck with cranky Crecente these next couple of days. Let that sink in as you peruse our replica Chanel J12 H0970 watch stories on topics as varied as Capcom, Modern 2 and reviews Where are the categories you ask? No reader of mine is going to rely on categories to find their stories!

Re Creating a Stadium Before Its First Pitch is ThrownGuitar Hero, Madden, Eliminate Play The Monetization GameTalking Points Brought To You (Mostly) By Peter MooreAnd Now For A Left 4 Dead Jack o LanternBorderlands Review: Guns! That way you won't be some faceless blob and we might feel a tinge of guilt when we ban ya Or not, replica Chanel J12 H1420 Ladie's watch because really we're incapable of human emotion. Question: What do you hate about video games these days?The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of upcoming action game Bayonetta have already been compared

Game mag Famitsu says the Xbox 360 version is superior But which TV commercial is better — the Xbox 360 or PS3? We've already seen this lips lickin' glasses lady before and are merely revisiting for the purposes of comparison That replica Chanel J12 H1625 Ladie's watch is all! And, of course, here's the multi platform advert — much of which Sony seems to be recycling. PlatinumGames' ***y shoot 'n' kick fest Bayonetta made headlines earlier today for securing a "perfect" 40 out of 40 score from the editors of Japan's Famitsu magazine

the plot feels a little too familiar for my taste You're a prince out to right a wrong you accidentally wrought

Plot: Like the art direction, the plot feels a little too familiar for my taste You're a prince out to right a wrong you accidentally wrought Not much in the way of twists or surprises here Next time it would be great to offer up a little substance in the way of storyline too. This is the first time Kotaku has taken the time to give an iPhone game a full, replica Chanel J12 H1008 Men's watch ten point review There's a reason for that: Dungeon Hunter delivers a substantial and deep experience, one that offers up plenty of opportunity for more thoughtful analysis and pushes both this game and the platform to a higher level.

Dungeon Hunter is worth your time, your money, your attention It is the sort of game we all imagined might exist on a platform so easy to carry around in our pockets Sure there are faults, but they're all superficial With a bit more attention spent on art and story Dungeon Hunter could be the sort of game that better establishes the iPod Touch and replica Chanel J12 H0969 Men's watch iPhone as a serious competitor for the PSPgo and DSi. Dungeon Hunter was developed and published by Gameloft for the iPhone and iPod Touch on Sept 14 Retails for $6. 99 USD A copy of the game was given to us by the publisher for reviewing purposes

Played through the campaign as a rogue. pleted all side quests and made it to level 40. Confused by our reviews? Read our review FAQ. Excited for next week's launch of mash up sporting rhythm game DJ Hero? Then you better hustle over to the replica Chanel J12 H1628 watch Hero launch even today in New York' Soho. The launch party, on the corner of Wooster and Spring streets from noon to 4 p. m. , will be hosted by Fab 5 Freddy and feature performances by DJ Z Trip and J. Period.